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Low Cut Connie and Live Music Are Back!

It's back!!!!!

It might not be quite back to what we were all used to pre-pandemic, but live music is slowly making a comeback. This past Saturday night was my first time seeing a concert where I actually had to buy a ticket in over a year, and it was glorious!

If you haven't been keeping up with Adam Weiner and Low Cut Connie during the pandemic, they have turned from a Philly-based band that had a big regional following and was slowly growing a national following, into a band that has figured out live streaming and grown a national (and international) audience.

In fact, they made my list of one the best music live streams out there about a year ago. You can read more about their live streams here.

On this particular Saturday night, they are still streaming their "Tough Cookies" show over their social media, but some of us also got the chance to see them live and in person at the Shady Grove Stage from the Arden Concert Gild. Keep reading to find out more about my return to seeing live music!

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The show was put on by the Arden Concert Gild on their Shady Grove Stage. The venue is located in Arden, DE, which is about a half hour outside of Philadelphia. Gild Hall has been hosting live music events and other performances since 1910.

The Concert Gild was formed in 1997, and is made up completely of volunteers. Those volunteers both produce and organize the shows held at the venue, as well as do everything that needs to be done the day of the show.

As with all live music venues, the Arden Concert Gild has had to pivot and re-adjust when the pandemic hit, as they were not able to hold shows inside Gild Hall. They decided to utilize a piece of their property, put up an outdoor stage, and started hosting shows outdoors.

Tip #1: Bring your own chairs to see a show at Shady Grove Stage. You are also permitted to bring in your own food/snacks, although they did have a food truck available. Beer and wine were available for purchase and very reasonably priced.

The name of the stage really does describe the area. On a 90 degree and sunny day, we were very comfortable sitting in the shade with a nice breeze coming through the trees. I was extremely impressed with how well everything was run. My only regret is that I've just now discovered this venue and will be moving out of state in a couple of months!


While billed as a Low Cut Connie show, the show was really front man Adam Weiner and guitarist Will Donnelly. The two of them basically brought their live stream "Tough Cookies" Saturday night show to Arden, with Will sitting in the background playing the guitar and Adam playing the piano. You can read more about Low Cut Connie here.

Low Cut Connie is known for their high energy shows, and even without the full band, Weiner is able to maintain that energy during his solo live streams. In fact, it's sometimes hard to get a good picture of him because he moves around so much.

Weiner lives in South Philly and he totally embraces his Philadelphia roots. He joked during the show that when people bring kids to his shows, he warns them that some of the words aren't going to be "kid friendly". And it's not so much the curse words (which do flow freely), but using words like "putz" and "shvitzin'" that throw people off in other parts of the country.

Weiner kept the set list fun, choosing their most familiar songs and songs that would get people up to dance including "Rio" and "Nobody Else Will Believe..."

Of course, it wouldn't be a Low Cut Connie show if Weiner didn't strip down to his underwear and t-shirt, and put on his signature red robe. He gave the crowd a thrill by doing the costume change at the back corner of the stage where everyone could see.

My only complaint about the show was that it was too short. Their usual live stream only lasts an hour, and while Weiner did give us a few bonus songs after the live stream ended, the whole show time was only about 75 minutes long.

But, after being without live music for so long, I'll take what I can get! Low Cut Connie has a new album - Private Lives - out now. They also plan to take the full band out on the road in the fall. Be sure to check out their website, and follow them on social media to catch their Saturday night "Tough Cookies" live streams.

Have you seen Low Cut Connie before? Have you been able to be back to a live show? Tell us what's happening with you and live music by commenting below or contacting us at We'd love to hear from you!

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