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Bishop Briggs with Manatee Commune and SHAED – Union Transfer, Philadelphia – May 4, 201

Last night, I saw Bishop Briggs with openers Manatee Commune and SHAED at Union Transfer in Philadelphia. It was a night of high energy and great music from all three artists!

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Manatee Commune

The first opener of the show was Manatee Commune (aka Grant Eadie), who is an electronic music artist out of Bellingham, WA. I’m not typically a fan of electronic music at a concert, but Manatee Commune put on a really entertaining show. He’s full of energy, and his crazy dancing makes him fun to watch. He also adds in an electronic violin and electronic drums, which makes his show unique compared to other artists I’ve seen. He utilizes some cool video, which adds to the performance. Check out his website at for more on his music and additional tour dates.  Download his album here.


The second opener was the band SHAED. The band is out of DC and is made up of lead singer Chelsea Lee and brothers Spencer and Max Ernst. Chelsea’s voice is amazing, and the band has a ton of energy. The music varied from high energy songs that made you want to jump around, to moodier songs that really showed off Chelsea’s voice. Their new single “Just Wanna See” was definitely a highlight of their set that featured their more mellow side. You can download Just Wanna See here.  I also enjoyed the song “Perfume”, which is a catchy song that got the crowd dancing. Check out their website at for more on their music and additional tour dates.

Bishop Briggs

I first saw Bishop Briggs last summer at a Radio 104.5 block party. Bishop was one of the acts in a day long show, so she only did a short set. After hearing only a few songs at that show, I was totally impressed with her energy and her voice. When I heard she was coming to Philadelphia for a headlining show, I jumped at the chance to see her.

Bishop Briggs was born in London and lived in Tokyo for most of her life, but is currently based out of Los Angeles. Her music is described as Indie pop or alternative. What makes her music special, in my opinion, is her powerful voice and unique beats. Bishop Briggs burst onto the public scene in 2016, when she released her hit single “River”.  Download River here.

From the minute she walked on the stage, Bishop Briggs’ energy was amazing. She never stopped moving during the entire set. In fact, it was hard to get a good picture of her, because she didn’t stand still long enough to get the camera in focus!

Some of the highlights of the show were her soulful “Dead Man’s Arms”, and hard hitting “Hallowed Ground”. The show built up to her first single “Wild Horses”, which closed out her main set. She had the crowd singing and dancing right along with her.

After a quick break, she came back out for a two song encore that finished with a great version of her hit song “River”.

Bishop Briggs will be touring in the U.S. through the summer, including an appearance at the Firefly Festival in Dover, DE in June. She also has a few dates in Australia in July and the UK in August. You can find information on future tour dates on her website at


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