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The 2017 Holiday Shopping Guide by Tips2LiveBy!

The holiday season is here! To help you get ready, Tips2LiveBy has put together our 1st Annual Holiday Shopping Guide!

Is someone on your list a fan of music, wine, food, beer or travel?  If so, you need to check out this guide. I’ve picked a few of my favorite items in each category, to give you ideas for some great gifts.

I do not have any sort of arrangement with any of the companies that make the products on my list. While I am a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, I only receive a very small percentage of sales from any items you purchase from the Amazon links contained in this post. Amazon does not raise its prices to you, but by purchasing from those links, you help me stay in the program and allow me to cover some costs of running this blog (trust me – I’m not getting rich from this).

If there are items on this list that you want, please share with your friends and family!

I’ve divided my gift giving recommendations by category, so feel free to skip to the section that interests you. Happy shopping!

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For the Live Music Fan

Vibes Acoustic Filter Ear Plugs:  When I go to concerts, I never leave home without my earplugs. The decibel level at shows can be damaging to your ears. It’s important to wear ear protection. However, regular earplugs just dampen the sound. I use Vibes Acoustic Filter Ear Plugs, because they reduce the decibel level without reducing the quality of the sound.

Custom Framing:  For many live music fans, collecting the show posters is part of the fun.  Does someone on your list have a show that is particularly important to them?  A great way to capture those memories is giving the gift of custom framing.  Full disclosure – this is my husband’s business, however, that just means that I can personally verify that he does amazing work!  Check out his Facebook page for samples of his work, and to reach out to him directly to see what he can do for you.

A picture of a framed Dave Matthews Band poster along with a set list and drumstick.

One of the beautiful pieces of art Kevin can custom create for your music lover’s collectibles.

For the Music Collector

Orbit Turntable:  One of the biggest comebacks in the music business is the record album. Records were the primary source of recorded music years ago.  Of course, that was before cassette tapes, then CDs, then digital downloads. Record albums have made a comeback, and many artists are now releasing vinyl.  If you are like me, you have a collection of LPs and 45s that were collecting dust in a box somewhere, because you didn’t have a turntable to play them on.  My husband got me the U-Turn Audio – Orbit Plus Turntable for Christmas last year, and I absolutely love it!

The Joshua Tree Super Deluxe Edition 7 LP Set:  If you have a U2 fan on your list, a great holiday gift would be The Joshua Tree Super Deluxe Edition 7 LP Set. My husband bought this for me for my birthday, and I’ve had it on my turntable ever since. It includes the original album, as well as live versions of the songs, remixes and outtakes. It also includes an 84 page hardcover book, featuring photographs taken by The Edge during the photo shoot for the album.

A picture of the various record albums and books you get in the Joshua Tree Deluxe 7 LP Set.

The Joshua Tree Deluxe 7 LP Set is a great gift for the U2 fan on your list!


Wine Glasses

As any wine fan knows, having the right glass can have an impact on the wine drinking experience.  Here are some glasses to add to your holiday list.

Riedel Stemless:  Riedel is number one when it comes to quality wine glasses.  For something a little different, these stemless swirl red wine glasses would make a great holiday gift.

Shatterproof Glasses:  Have you ever been at an outdoor party or tailgate and drank wine out of a red solo cup?  If so, you need to invest in a set of shatterproof wine tumblers.  I like the Govino Dishwasher Safe Shatterproof 16 Ounce Tumblers.  They are easy to clean, designed specifically for wine, and even have a little indentation for your thumb to make them easier to hold.

Improving the Wine Drinking Experience

Wine is all about the taste and the nose.  By using the right tools and drinking wine under the proper conditions, you can make sure the wine lover on your gift list has the optimum experience with each bottle they open.

Wine Aerator:  In order to open up the nose on red wine, you need to let the wine breath before drinking it.  By aerating the wine, you can optimize the amount of oxygen hitting the wine as you pour it. With this Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer, you can help the wine lover on your holiday gift list improve the taste of the next bottle of wine they open.

6 Bottle Wine Cooler:  Wine is best stored in a cool, dark place.  If you have a wine lover on your holiday gift list that can’t invest in a large wine refrigerator or build a wine cellar, check this out.  It’s a 6 Bottle Wine Cooler that would allow them to store their favorite bottles properly, without taking up a lot of space.

36 Bottle Wine Refrigerator:  If the wine lover on your list has more than 6 bottles to store, consider this Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler.  This is the best bang for your buck from a capacity stand point.  The wine refrigerator I had for years died on me a while back, so I’m personally adding this to my list.

Wand Wine Filter:  Do you have someone on your holiday list that loves wine, but gets a headache from drinking it?  If so, they might be allergic to the sulfites or other chemicals in the wine.  The Wand Wine Filter claims to remove the sulfites and other histamines that could be leading to the negative side effects.

Wine Related Novelties

For some wine-themed items for the wine lover on your holiday gift list, check these ideas out.

Vino Duplicatas:  For the person on your holiday list that is interested in the business of wine and wine collecting, the book “In Vino Duplicatas: The Rise and Fall of a Wine Forger Extraordinaire” by Peter Hellman is a great read.  The book tells the story of Rudy Kurniawan.  He took the wine scene by storm with his seemingly bottomless wallet and insatiable desire to collect wine.  It tells the reader how Kurniawan’s wine counterfeiting scheme was unraveled, leading eventually to his arrest and conviction.

Blind Wine Tasting Game:  If you have someone on your holiday list that has a lot of wine loving friends, a Blind Wine Tasting Game makes a great gift!  They can host a wine tasting party, where everyone brings a bottle and you hold a blind wine tasting.  This promises a lot of fun for people on your holiday gift list who love to host parties.


Kitchen Gadgets

Most foodies also love to cook.  If that fits someone on your holiday gift list, check out these gadgets.

French Press:  While not exactly food, I know most foodies also love a good cup of coffee. A great way to improve your daily cup is with a French Press. We recently purchased one, and I can tell the difference in the taste of the coffee when I use it. It’s richer and smoother. A French Press is easy to use. Plus, if you are currently using a Keurig machine, this will save you money.  It also saves the environment by eliminating those K-cups. This is the French Press we have been using.

A picture of the French Press we use at home.

If someone on your holiday list loves a good cup of coffee, buy them a French Press.

Smoker:  One of the best anniversary gifts I’ve ever bought my husband was his Masterbuilt 30″ Digital Electric Smoker. He uses it all the time! If you have someone on your holiday list that loves to grill, get them a smoker. It’s hassle free. You season the meat, stick it in the smoker and let the smoker do the rest. In our smoker, we’ve done all sorts of meats and veggies. We’ve even made pizzas. This particular smoker is electric, so you just plug it in and go. It’s also small and easy to store.

Food of the Month Clubs

For those foodies (like me) who don’t like to cook, a “food of the month club” is a great gift idea.  Here are a couple of cool ones.

Turntable Kitchens Pairing Box:  If your foodie also loves music, this club is perfect!  Once per month, the recipient gets an exclusive 7″ vinyl, a digital mixtape, 1-2 premium ingredients, 3 seasonal recipes, and tasting notes.  The items are all selected to pair up together.  The subscription cost is $25 per month.  For more information, check out their website.

Bacon of the Month Club:  Everybody loves bacon, right?  In this club, you get 12-16 ounces of artisan bacon, along with bacon stories, history and recipes.  The club allows you to choose from a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription.  You can sign up for a subscription at Bacon of the Month Club.


Bottle Openers

No beer lover can ever have enough bottle openers. Plus, they make great stocking stuffers! Rather than just getting a plain one, here are some unique bottle openers that make great gifts.

Craftsman Cap Wrench Bottle Opener:  The Craftsman Cap Wrench Bottle Opener is perfect for the beer and tool lover on your list.

NCAA Clink-N-Drink Bottle Opener: For the beer and sports fan, support your favorite team while opening your bottle with the NCAA Clink-N-Drink Bottle Opener.  These bottle openers are also magnetic, so you can hang it on your refrigerator and always have it handy.  My husband sold these in his store when he had a retail business, and they were very popular.

Yopeners:  The people at YOpeners make awesome hand-crafted bottle openers.  These have been recommended to me by several friends as very high quality.

Beer Glasses

Consuming your beer in the proper glass is also very important.  Here are a couple suggestions!

Spiegelau IPA Glass:  The Spiegalau IPA Glass came highly recommended from a friend that is a true beer aficionado.

Stella Artois Chalice:  Want to provide clean water for someone in a developing country and have a great glass for your beer?  Stella Artois partnered with  Their purpose was to help provide clean water to places that don’t have access to any.  They did this by launching the “Buy a Lady a Drink” campaign.  When you purchase one chalice for someone on your gift list, you provide five years of clean water to one person.

YETI Insulated Tumbler:  Make sure the beer lover on your list always has a cold beer – even outside in the summer.  Get them a YETI Insulated Tumbler with their favorite team logo on it.

Beer Related Novelties

For the beer drinker and collector, here are some great ideas of some novelty gifts.

Pint Glass Koozies: Regular koozies don’t fit pint glasses well, so buy your beer lover a Pint Glass Koozie.

Cap Map:  For beer lovers that like to keep track of the beer they drink, check out this USA Beer Cap Map.

Homebrew Kit:  For the person on your list that wants to try their own hand at making beer, a Homebrew Kit is a great gift.  This particular kit is a nice way for someone to try homebrewing without committing to a major investment.

Personalized Bottle Opener Display:  Dailey Woodcrafts in Abington, PA makes some beautiful handmade and personalized items.  Their personalized bottle opener display is great for beer loving couples to display in their home.  You can get in touch with them on their Facebook page at

A picture of a wooden stand with a bottle opener mounted on it and customized with names and a date.

This personalized bottle opener makes a great gift for a beer loving couple!


Planning Your Trip

Rick Steves’ Books:  For anyone on your list that is talking about doing a trip to Europe, they need Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door Travel Skills Handbook.  I don’t go anywhere in Europe unless I have the appropriate Rick Steves’ book with me.  Rick has helped me plan trips to Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece.  The Back Door book is a great book to start with for general advice.

A picture of Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door 2014 edition.

The Europe Through the Back Door book is in my personal library.

A pictures of all of my Rick Steves' books including Venice, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Eastern Europe, and Poland.

As you can see, I don’t plan a trip to Europe without Rick Steves.

Travel Gadgets

Luggage Scale:  If you have someone on your list that travels and checks luggage often, the best gift you can give them is a Luggage Scale .  I don’t ever go on a trip without mine.  Trust me – you don’t want to be “that person” at the airport check in transferring dirty clothes between suitcases because your bag is overweight.  For less than $10, this makes a great stocking stuffer!

Electrical Adaptor:  Is someone on your holiday gift list traveling internationally?  A great gift idea is an Electrical Adaptor that allows you to plug in your electronic devices no matter where you are in the world.  I like this particular model, as it is all contained in one piece and covers more than 175 countries.  It also has USB ports built in, to make it easy to plug in your phones, tablets, etc.

Money Belt:  Savvy travelers know that you should never carry your valuables in your pocket or handbag.  In many touristy areas, pickpockets are everywhere.  The traveler on your gift list needs a way to secure their money, credit cards, phones, passports, etc.  Please don’t let them use a fanny pack! This Thin Money Belt is a great gift for the travelers on your list!

So, there you have it – our 1st Annual Holiday Shopping Guide!  I hope you found some cool things for the people on your list.  Don’t forget to buy a couple of these for me!

Have questions about any of the gift suggestions on my list?  Do you have gift suggestions of your own? Comment below or e-mail me at

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