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Nothing But Thieves Rocked Coda in Philadelphia!

Picture of Nothing But Thieves on stage at Coda.

Nothing But Thieves wrapped up their tour at Coda in Philadelphia on Thursday night!

Nothing But Thieves rocked Coda in Philadelphia on Thursday night!  It was an amazing show which also featured Missio and Airways.  Read all about it and check out the pictures and video from the show!

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Coda is a live music venue in Center City Philadelphia. Located at 1712 Walnut Street, it’s right in the heart of the Rittenhouse Square area.

Coda has a unique set up. It’s owned by the Germantown Nest Lodge No. 1624, and is operated as a member-based social club. That means that while they can open events up to the public, they are also able to operate for the benefit of their club members and can stay open until 3 a.m.

Tip #1: Because of its location in one of the busiest areas of Center City Philadelphia, parking can be a challenge. On street parking is available, but tough to find. There are several parking garages and parking lots in the area, but they will be more expensive than on street parking. Give yourself ample time to find parking.

Coda can be found on Walnut Street between 17th and 18th. The entrance is a small store front right in the middle of various shops and restaurants on Walnut Street. The venue is located on the second floor, so after entering, take the elevator or walk up the stairway.

Once you get to the second floor, you’ll enter a large lobby area with a bar. The merchandise table is also usually set up in that area.

Picture of the main lobby area at Coda with a cool chandelier hanging.

The main lobby upon entering the second floor of Coda. Cool chandeliers hang from the ceiling. There is a full bar and area for merchandise.

To get to the main room, walk through the doorway. There is another bar located inside the main room, with the stage all the way at the front.

A picture of the bar inside the venue at Coda.

The bar inside the stage area at Coda.

Tip #2: There are some couches/bench seating located around the perimeter of the room. These are typically first come first served, so if you get to the show early you can grab one of the seats.

There is also a balcony area. While I haven’t been up there, it looks like you could get a pretty good view of the stage from the balcony.

Restrooms are located down the hallway to the right of the stage.  The Nothing But Thieves show was sold out, so they had a roped off walkway from the back of the room leading to the bathrooms.

Tip #3: While Coda has a full bar (and very good prices on their drinks), they do not have any food. So, be sure to grab something to eat before the show. There are lots of restaurant options in the Rittenhouse Square area. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat before the show, try Shoo Fry.  They serve poutine, sliders and shakes and are even open late night on the weekends when you get the munchies!  They have locations in the Rittenhouse Square area of the city, as well as Fishtown.

A picture of the jerk chicken and General Tsao poutine at Shoo Fry.

We had dinner at Shoo Fry before the show. I had the jerk chicken poutine and my husband had the General Tsao poutine. Delicious!


Airways is an Indie rock band based out of the UK. Made up of members Jake (vocals, guitar), Alex (guitar), Jamie (bass) and Brian (drums), the full band formed when Jake met Brian in Los Angeles. When Jake found out Brian (who was from Chicago) was a drummer, he asked him to join the band. Two months later, Brian showed up in the UK, and the band was formed.

Picture of the band on stage at Coda.

Airways kicked off the show on Thursday night at Coda!

In 2016, the band released their first song – “Ghost Town”. The song was noticed by a couple of radio DJs in the UK, and soon began to get regular air play.  You can download Ghost Town here.

On May 19, 2017, Airways released their first EP – “Starting to Spin”.

The band took the stage right at 8:30 p.m.  The doors to the venue opened late, and there was a line to get in, so we missed the first song or two.  I really enjoyed their set.  While they still need a little polishing on their live stage performance, the guys sounded great and got the crowd going.

Their song White Noise Boys was a hit with the crowd.

They wrapped up their set at about 9:00 p.m. with One Foot, which a lot of people in the crowd seemed to know and sang along with.  It was a great show, and I expect to hear more from this band in the future!

The band made its first live appearance in the U.S. earlier this year at SXSW. They’ve since been on the road touring with Nothing But Thieves. While this is the end of the U.S. tour, Airways has a few dates in November and December scheduled in Europe.

You can find more information about Airways, including their upcoming tour dates at their website at


Missio is made up of band members Matthew Brue and David Butler. They are based out of Austin, TX and had their first “radio” hit with the song “Middle Fingers” earlier this year.

Missio just released a three-part docuseries chronicling their story. Skeletons (Part I), Skeletons (Part II), and Skeletons (Part III) are all currently streaming at Missio’s official YouTube channel. The docuseries was directed by longtime collaborator Jeff Ray.

The docuseries was released to compliment the release of “Skeletons Part I”, which is their brand new EP featuring acoustic versions of songs originally featured on Missio’s full-length debut “Loner”.

I have to admit that I wasn’t that familiar with Missio prior to this show.  As I do with all of the shows I cover, I started listening to their music a couple of weeks ago to get familiar with it, and I got addicted!  So, by the time the show rolled around, I was really excited to see them live.  They certainly didn’t disappoint!  In fact, I think Missio stole the whole show!

The guys took the stage shortly after 9:15 p.m.  They went full out immediately with “I Don’t Even Care About You”.  The crowd was so into the song, you could feel the floor bouncing in the building.  Next, they went into “I Do What I Want”.

After a few more songs, Brue addressed the audience and talked about addiction and his own addiction.  He said that he hoped people in the audience that were dealing with similar issues, understood that they weren’t alone.  Brue explained that the next song – “Everybody Gets High” – was a song written about his own addiction.

Missio slowed things down a bit next with “Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea”.  The blue lights used during the song really added to the mood of the music.

Missio under blue lighting on stage.

The blue lighting really added to “Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea”.

Before going into their last song, Brue spoke about how they didn’t like this song when they first made it because it seemed “too commercial”.  But, when they started playing it live and saw the fans get into it, it started to grow on them as well.  He asked everyone in the crowd to raise their middle fingers as they went into the song of the same name.  The crowd complied, including a little kid that was sitting on his parent’s shoulders up near the stage.  I think Missio has a young fan for life!

A picture of Matthew Brue, who is the lead singer of Missio.

Matthew Brue of Missio entertaining the crowd!

Missio was named by Rolling Stone as one of “10 New Artists You Need to Know”. They have been busy throughout 2017 touring in support of their album “Loner”. The tour includes dates throughout October in support of Nothing But Thieves, and dates throughout November in support of Blue October. They will also be performing at the OFF Weekend Music & Arts Festival in KeyBiscayne, FL on December 9th.

A picture of me with the guys from Missio.

Not only did Missio put on a great show, but they are also nice guys! They let me grab a quick picture with them after the show.

You can find more information about Missio, including specifics on upcoming tour dates at their website at

Here is Missio’s set list from the show.  Click on any of the songs to download them digitally through Amazon as well:  I Don’t Even Care About You, I Do What I Want, KDV, Animal, Everybody Gets High, Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea, Twisted, I Don’t Give A…, Middle Fingers.


Nothing But Thieves was formed in 2012 in Essex, England. The band is made up of Conor Mason (vocals, guitar), Joe Langridge-Brown (guitar), Dominc Craik (guitar and keyboard), Philip Blake (bass), and James Price (drums).

While you may not be familiar with the band, some of their music may sound familiar, as its been used in various commercials and television shows. Their single “Itch” was used in a Netflix ad, “Ban All the Music” was in the Madden NFL 16 soundtrack, and songs “Wake Up Call” and “Amsterdam” were used in NHL 17 and NHL 18 respectively.

Their biggest hit in the U.S. to date is the song “Trip Switch”, which received heavy radio play in 2015. They released their debut album – “Nothing But Thieves” – in October of 2015.

This was the last show in their current tour supporting their latest album – “Broken Machine”. They have been selling out small venues in the U.S. throughout the tour.

Nothing But Thieves didn’t take the stage until 10:37 p.m., which is almost about the time I normally go to bed on a Thursday night.  But, I was excited to see them and was glad I stayed up late.

A picture of the band on stage.

Nothing But Thieves entertained the crowd at a late night show on a Thursday night!

After just two songs, I was surprised that they played their big radio hit “Trip Switch” as their third song, but it definitely got the crowd into the show.

One of the things I love about NBT is Mason’s voice.  He can hit the high notes, but his voice is also very strong and powerful at times.  Before playing new song “Soda”, Mason mentioned that it had become one of the band’s favorite songs to play.  It was one of my favorites of the night as well.  Although it was slower, it really showcased Mason’s voice.

The band continued through their catalog and the fans loved it.  I thought the entire band had a great connection with the crowd.  It even got a bit comical when someone from the balcony threw what appeared to be women’s underwear on the stage during “If I Get High”.  All of the guys laughed about it, and Mason joked with the crowd.

Following “Broken Machine”, the rest of the band left the stage, and Mason did two songs acoustically.  He started with a cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” and then went into “Hell, Yeah”.  After that was over, Mason seemed a little surprised that the rest of his band hadn’t appeared back on stage.  He joked about needing the band back, and that maybe they were pulling a prank on him.

A picture of just Conor Mason with his guitar on stage.

Conor Mason solo covering Tom Petty.

NBT wrapped up their main set with “Sorry”, then after briefly going off stage, they finished up their encore with crowd favorites “Particles” and “Amsterdam”.

They thanked the crowd for helping them wrap up their tour, and promised to be back next year.  They wrapped up just after midnight (which was WAY after my bedtime on a Thursday night)!

The band at the end of the show getting ready to throw out the set lists.

The band had a great way of distributing set lists after the show… they just tossed the stack out into the crowd!

A picture of the band taking their final bow.

Nothing But Thieves thanked the crowd after their set, and promised to be back next year.

You can keep up with Nothing But Thieves on their website at

Here is Nothing But Thieves’ set list from the show.  Click on any of the songs to download them digitally through Amazon as well:  I’m Not Made By Design, Live Like Animals, Trip Switch, Wake Up Call, Soda, Hostage, Drawing Pins, Graveyard Whistling, I Was Just A Kid, Honey Whiskey, Itch, If I Get High, Broken Machine, Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty cover), Hell, Yeah, Ban All The Music, Sorry  Encore:  Particles, Amsterdam

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