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8 Gift Ideas Mom Will Love! Happy Mother’s Day!

What are you getting for the Mom in your life this Mother’s Day?

A picture of some flowers for Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Still need gift ideas? Keep reading!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (the date is May 13th this year)! Do you know what you’re getting for your Mom?

A lot of us go for the “traditional” Mother’s Day gifts. Maybe you typically send flowers. A gift card for a massage is always nice too. Or, maybe you treat them to a nice dinner out.

While all those things are good ideas, if you are looking for something a little different, check out my gift idea list. The great thing about these gifts, is that they last, rather than slowly fade away like those flowers you were going to send.

If you have a Mom on your list that loves wine, beer, travel or music, keep reading for some great ideas that are sure to put a smile on her face on Mother’s Day!

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Sometimes what a Mom really needs at the end of a crazy day, is a nice glass of wine. If your Mom enjoys wine, here are some gifts that she will love!

Wine Aerator: One of my favorite wine accessories is my wine aerator. I use it whenever I open a bottle of red wine. To get the full taste experience of a red wine, you need to let the wine open up and breath. You can do that by pouring the wine into your glass and letting it sit. But, who wants to let wine sit??? By using an aerator, you add the required oxygen as you are pouring, making the wine ready to drink right away. I’ve been using the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer and I love it!

Wine Coloring Book: It’s a well-known fact that coloring can help relieve stress. Since most Moms I know have a lot of stress in their lives, what better way to help wind down at the end of a long day than with a glass of wine and a little coloring. This fun Wine Life Coloring Book is a great gift to let Mom do some de-stressing.


If your Mom is more of a beer drinker than a wine drinker, here are some gift ideas for her!

Beer Bracelet: Jewelry is always a safe bet as a Mother’s Day gift, but instead of getting the same old thing, get your beer loving Mom this Beer Lover’s Charm Bracelet.

Customized Beer Mug: Does the Mom in your life have her own beer mug? If not, check out this Personalized Beer Mug for her. You can have her name engraved on the mug, so everyone knows it’s hers!


For most Moms, their travel revolves around family trips – whether that’s visiting a historical city or making a trip to Disney World. While sending Mom on her own little getaway may not be feasible, there are other ways to help her realize her travel dreams.

A Year Off: Sometimes, just reading about others who realize their traveling dream is enough of an escape. The book “A Year Off: A Story about Traveling the World – and How to Make it Happen for You” by Alexandra and David Brown documents their story. The couple decided to take a year off of their lives and travel the world together, after only knowing each other for four months.

The Travel Book: So, maybe you don’t want to encourage Mom to take a year off and travel the world, but you want her to be able to experience the world from her couch. Buy her a gift that will let her travel to every country in the world through pictures. “The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World” by Lonely Planet takes its readers to 229 different countries through 817 different pictures. Give Mom a chance to dream about the places she wants to visit someday.


Music is a great escape for people. Whether it’s listening to calming music while you’re working, jamming to your favorite tune in the car, or singing along with your favorite artists at a concert, music can relieve stress and make you forget about the world.

Concert Tickets: Is the Mom in your life busy taking the kids to see their favorite artists like Taylor Swift? When’s the last time Mom got to see an artist she likes? If Mom’s favorite artist is coming to town, buy her tickets and let her “get away” at a concert for a few hours. Not sure how to get those tickets? Check out my article on buying tickets for some ideas.

Bluetooth Headphones: Sometimes Mom just needs to block out the noise around her. These Mpow Bluetooth Earbuds are great for that. Since they are Bluetooth, there aren’t any wires to get in the way. Plus, they are waterproof, so if Mom wants to take a run or hit the gym, she can still listen to her music. Once charged, they will play for 7-9 hours.

So, now that you know what to get the Mom in your life for Mother’s Day, get shopping!  Click on any of the links, and they will take you directly to Amazon.  Simply add the item to your cart, check out, and get ready to have a happy Mom!

Have any questions about any of the gift suggestions on my list?  Do you have gift suggestions of your own?  Comment below or e-mail me at

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